Sitting in my Family Room with the windows open, admiring my newly decorated Christmas tree, I realize that it is December and it’s sixty-degrees this evening. The weather is changing, and so is Studio 1 Architects. Now that Studio 1 Architects is ten years old this year, it seemed fitting to invest in our future. For the past few months we have been undergoing some change… an updated presence.

The impetus for change was the need to showcase our work on the website. As with most simple ideas, it snowballs into much more. The new website is now launched with a .com address (previously .net), and it has undergone a complete redesign. We also have included a blog, or as we like to refer to it as our Journal, where we will be able to share ideas and thoughts about the design world. The company logo, business cards and signs have each evolved as well. All of these changes occurred simultaneously.

Business is like the weather; it is always changing. Ten years is a long time, but we are looking forward to the next ten, and beyond. Change has been welcomed.

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