Studio 1 Architects

  1. Crescent Boulevard

    Dark to Light — This project was an interior remodel in which the clients wanted to improve their existing Kitchen, Dinette and Family Room, as well as Master Suite spaces. The original location of the Kitchen was located at the back of the home; however, with the addition of the Dinette and Family Room by a previous owner, the Kitchen lost its natural light source. Dark and confined, the Kitchen lacked a relationship to the other family spaces in the home. These spaces were redesigned so that each shared natural lighting and allowed for open flow of circulation throughout the home.

  2. Lexington Avenue

    New England Elegance — The clients for this project came to us with a desire to create a home that was a balance of ease and elegance. We achieved this with simple forms and richness of details. The home has a formal spatial organization with grand spaces. A gracefully sweeping staircase greets the visitor at the entrance foyer with formal rooms to each side. Oversized fireplaces help ground these comfortably proportioned spaces. The family gathering spaces are light and airy, with views to the garden and pool.

  3. Ellyn Court

    Keeping with Tradition — This project was an addition to an existing home dating form the early twentieth century. The goal was to preserve the style and feel of the existing home and create spaces that were more in tune with the client's lifestyle. The existing layout of the home was divided- spaces were isolated and separated by floor level changes and steps. In order to create more unified space, the floor was raised so that the gathering spaces, Kitchen, Dinette and Family Room, were more visually and physically connected.

  4. Stone Avenue

    Traditional Meets Modern — Nestled on the fringe of a forest preserve, with three active boys with busy schedules, the clients wanted a home that could keep up with them. The concept for the design was to work with traditional forms and mix modern subtleties to create a relaxed but energetic feel for the home. The composition of the spaces allows for mingling of activities while still achieving spaces that work for the clients.

  5. Madison Street

    Inward Retreat — The concept for this home was based on a response to the bustling street it is located on and the property's setting. Two sets of garages flank the entrance to the home, which hug the courtyard. Progressing into the courtyard the outside activity and noise is filtered and the living spaces become more private. A covered porch and terrace at the back of the home open up the view and provide an intimate experience with the natural setting of the property.